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We have grown from a sole proprietorship to three (3) corporations.

Why Gensanice?

Our headquarter is based in General Santos City (GENSAN) about 650 nautical miles south of manila. We are inspired by our ideas and commitment to Excel (ICE) in what we do. We move and believe that “who we are Determines what we will become.” We have evolved into a group of companies working together to the delight of our customers and end users

We aim to become an organization composed of responsible leaders, successfully leading an equally responsible, strong, smart and agile individuals towards a common goal that ensures stability of the commercial unit in particular and company in general.

Customer Policy


and their satisfaction ensures our PROFIT objective. We will continually RECRUIT, REGAIN and RETAIN our customers. We will engage them consistently to draw patronage of the products and services that we sell. Availability of our products in their stores and prompt delivery of our services are our continuing objective. They are the primordial reason why we are in business because through them, we get our


Quality policy

Our Greatest resources is our people. Our People are capable and ensures the delivery of services to our customers to the best we can be or to the satisfaction of our principals. we train our people to attain consistently our quality policy.

Product to sell

We are selling products that support the business of our respective companies. We
want to complete our offering that satisfies all the need of offices or school
rooms. The establishment of our physical stores in the community will make our
product accessible to our customers and end-users.

Going to market

We have 5 ways to get the product to the market


We enrolled our brands to some of our products and the name of our intended store as we planned to take our business for the long-term. We are using “selfie” being a popular name to our brand to signify the value of self-worth in everything that we do.