Our corporation was born on May 17, 2017 with an advocacy of putting up a System for Emancipated Livelihood for Farmers and Investors Exponent (SELFIE) has turned into a real business when the support from a non-government organization funder failed with the assumption of the new government in 2016. We have been developing capacity programs since 2014 to help farmers access resources from individuals and businessmen willing to invest in food security.

It all started with an advocacy to help the farmers at large and the livelihood of the returning members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in partnership with the Institute for Autonomy in Governance (IAG) and the World Bank (WB) under its supposed to be “Harvest” program. We continue to use Selfie – a familiar millennial word but to us, it is a value that connotes ‘Who you are is what you will become”.



Provide quality products and services to everyone towards achieving the 1B business by 2030.


In order to achieve our vision, WHO WE ARE determines what we will become:

We serve our customers with PASSION

Hitting our mission is our FOCUS

Our success is for the greater glory of GOD

We remain HONEST always

Even if others are not, will not and cannot.

Accountable and responsible individuals

Role player in a team

Enthusiastic for success






Our PRIDE will lead us to what we envisioned to accomplish:

PERSEVERANCE Ability to withstand all challenges that maybe influenced by the development of the market(s) and the varying needs of the consumers.

RELIABILITY Ability to deliver roles and respond to various expectations on time and at the least cost.

INNOVATION Ability to create specific solution to every opportunity in order to satisfy the need of the changing time.

DISCIPLINE Ability to apply knowledge and skills with positive attitude responsive to the vision and mission of the company.

EXECUTION Ability to perform with speed to market and need of the customers as well as the company at optimum quality and consumer satisfaction.