A surviving company from a sole proprietorship business that has registered 2.1B revenues in its 14 years in operation as distribution partner of well-known companies in South-Central Mindanao markets. Our corporation was born on May 17, 2017.  Our company is engaged in Importation Services, Logistics Operations, Wholesale and Retail, Recruitment Services, Real Estate Development and other profitable opportunities that may come our way. 

We have a lot of experience. Some of our concept stores thrive and some have given us tons of experience.

We have been in business since 2005. Our conversion from sole proprietorship into a corporation in 2017 was in preparation for growth and better access to capital for the expansion of our Logistics and Marketing businesses that will soon to include but not limited to Construction, Hauling and Equipment Rental, Real Estate, Organic Supplies, Catering and Consultancy services, Wholesale and Retail and to be complemented by importation.



Though our operation should have started formally and fully in 2020 as we phase-out our warehouse and distribution contract with Nestle Ice Cream and Fresh Dairy Products, this move was halted by the Covid19 pandemic.

Our stint with Nestle span for almost 13 years. We earned to be the national distributor of the year in 2012, Best Distributor in Mindanao in 2013 and in constant top 5 performing distributor year-on-year. Our portfolio has an average annual revenue of around P 120,000,000.00 and we have grown both volume (300%) and market share (8%) in our area.


We also served the Philippine Beverage Partners, Inc (beverages) and Prifood Corporation (snack foods) as distributor for 2 years .


Our capability backed-up by our track record in distribution is our strength. We value 3Rs (Recruit, Regain and Retain) as our market approach on creating product availability.


Our initial investment to the Corporation of P10,000,000.00 is our firm belief of growing the business banking on our capabilities and competencies. Our performance in the last 2 years were manifestation of our dedication and commitment to achieve our corporate vision.



We strive to be the best in everything we do.



“To become a diverse business in order to achieve optimum growth by 2025”.




In order to achieve our vision, WHO WE ARE determines what we will become:


             We serve our customers with PASSION

              Hitting our mission is our FOCUS

              Our success is for the greater glory of GOD


              We remain HONEST always

               Even if others are not, will not and cannot.


   Accountable and responsible individuals

    Role player in a team


     Enthusiastic for success




In order to realize our Vision and Mission, we must build and strengthen our culture of being an effective and performing team based on set of values we live and work with:


 Attitude. We will produce and/or distribute products from select companies whose product quality is world-class.


Commitment. To provide excellent services to our customers beyond our individual interests.


Intelligence. Our people are our greatest resource. we shall continually equip them with necessary Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to efficiently perform their roles.


Discipline. We shall embrace ser of rules and regulations to guide and regulate our conduct in the organization while attaining our objectives.