Solid & Waste Water Management

This renewable energy project is in partnership with our select business partners in China and in Australia and would offer technologies only that supports sustainable environmental protection.

Intelligent Gadgets and Robotics

We offer wide-range of ICT products and brands to cover your digital quests.



Our technology partner – the Information Technology Business Solutions Corporation, has An Advanced Technology Incubation and it is a 100% Filipino-owned Corporation that created the ITBS Smart Country Ecosystem. The Company is dedicated in the R&D, Creation, Development and Commercialization of I.T. Solutions. They have advanced AI application to support efficiency in various private and government operations.

LED & Solar Lightings

This energy-saving lighting products necessarily help mitigate the ever-increasing usage of power. LED has matured and becoming the signature of lightings in energy sensitive country or establishment and has been perfected by Chinese technology.



We welcome dealers nation-wide.

Vehicle Sales, Parts & Service

The company carries the world’s No. 1 light cargo vehicles for 12 consecutive years. We are the appointed dealer of Forland in Region 12. We offer the widest selection of vehicles to address the varying need of our customers.  We also sell heavy equipment and other machineries coming from our various principals.


Try to visit our virtual store. You will be acquainted of the diverse products we sell. You’ll be surprised to find out that we are selling everything in order to afford you the buying convenience  without leaving your home or office. You can write a message to us in case you’ll not find your product in our online store.  You can buy from our online store and pay there for us to deliver what you ordered the following day.

Random Medicines, Medical Hygiene Supplies & Equipment

The growing population and the widening socio-economic class and the occasional outbreaks of illnesses brought by inclement weather and bizarre viruses, have inspired the company to engage in this business to offer competitive prices at same efficacy levels.

Radiant Fragrance Body & Hair Care

Angel Sue is our local partner. They have been in the business for decades. All products are oil-based and therefore certified as halal.

Selfie Radiant is going to be a company-brand and will offer more to enhance beauty and confidence all-day.

Agri-technology & Organic Inputs

We offer locally manufactured or imported agricultural equipment. Our organic inputs are certified organic foliar and soil conditioner. We are looking for technology-driven gadgets to shy away insect, birds and rodents.

Digital Home Office Service


We offer spiritual and skills training
for them to get online jobs hence making them Online Filipino Workers.


 The country has so many talents that has been physically exported around the world. Majority landed as domestic helpers for lack of a better job or jobs that do not match their qualifications. They are called Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).


We are creating jobs the unique way of converting OFW into Online Filipino Workers. We offer free spiritual and skills training for them to get online jobs.

Office Supplies Furniture & Equipment

What you are seeing at the office or school rooms is what we sell. We only sell quality products that we source locally and internationally.